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Camps and classes at the Science Spectrum are meant to be fun, educational, and enriching. For the benefit of all campers, it is important that children behave appropriately within the camps. If it becomes necessary to take disciplinary action against a student, the steps that will be followed are outlined below:

  • 1st Incident: The camper will receive a verbal warning and an explanation as to why the behavior is inappropriate. Whenever possible, this will be done in a one-on-one setting removed from other campers.
  • 2nd Incident: Staff will determine an appropriate consequence for the camper’s actions. Examples may include a “time out” or exclusion from participating in an activity. The camper’s parent will be notified of their behavior when they arrive to pick up the child.
  • 3rd Incident: The child will be excused from camp without a class fee refund. The Science Spectrum reserves the right to excuse any child from camps following a first incident in cases of serious behavior problems.

I have read the Camp Code of Conduct, explained its policies to my child, and agree to its courses of action.

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