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Permanent Exhibits: Upper Level

Light, Sight & Sound

Discover how sound, optical illusions, holograms, light reflection, and refraction can play tricks on your senses!

Science of Sports

From reaction time and nutrition, to sports equipment and training, see what goes into the science that helps modern athletes perform.

Gallery of Flight

Learn the basic principles of flight and aerodynamics. In the Gallery of Flight see the history of modern military aviation through the eyes of those who served at the Reese Air Force Base.


Take a tour of Margaret’s upscale boutique and see how fashion has evolved over the decades. The science of business and design come alive in this tribute to the once legendary local store.

The Money Center

Explore the social science of Economics in this gallery. This exhibit will take you through time and the developments of modern currency.


From a real astronaut space suit and rocket engine, to meteorites and space shuttles tiles, space exploration comes alive!

Permanent Exhibits: Ground Level

Physical Science

Levers, pulleys, gears, momentum, electrical circuits, and other basic science principles are explored. These exhibits are a fun way to have greater understanding of physics and simple machines.

Lubbock Children’s Museum

The Lubbock Children’s Museum was introduced in 2012 to the Science Spectrum, and this interactive little world is specifically designed for ages 5 and under. With a supermarket, vet clinic, road system, and many physical and sensory play areas, the Lubbock Children’s Museum is a unique space for your little explorer!

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Small bubbles, BIG bubbles, and all sorts of bubble magic is found here. This space is great for kids or anyone with a sense of imagination!

Science Stage

From electricity and chemistry shows, to space programs, this theater style venue is a stop for one of the education staff’s daily live science demonstrations.

Permanent Exhibits: Lower Level

Texas Alive!: The Brazos River Journey

Get to know the wildlife that thrives in the Texas wilderness through Texas Alive!: The Brazos River Journey, home to Lubbock’s only public aquarium! Explore the diversity of Texas through this exhibit devoted to the largest river-shed solely contained within the state.

Brazos Stage

Get up close and personal at one of the memorable live animal shows. From desert dwellers to snakes and reptiles, meet native species and even animals found in the rainforest!

T-Rex / Triceratops

Our realistic, animatronic T-Rex will greet you downstairs at this dinosaur exhibit! Learn where in Texas you can find dinosaur fossils and what types of dinosaurs roamed our state long ago.

Tinkering Counter

Join our education staff at this station for daily floor programs like hands-on experiments and build-it activities.

Nano Exhibit

Imagine and discover a world you can’t see. Explore the science of small things in this hands-on exhibit. Find out the future of engineering and bio-technology.

Human Health and Biology

Coming soon.