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Cats & Dogs: The Exhibition

Cats & Dogs: The Exhibition

February 19th through June 2nd, 2024

How much do we really know about the animal companions that share our daily lives? Find out at Cats & Dogs: The Exhibition, now open at Science Spectrum until June 2nd!

Produced by Imagine Exhibitions, Cats & Dogs The Exhibition, is the first large-scale traveling exhibition dedicated to these animals. The exhibition reviews almost everything we know scientifically, sociologically, and culturally about both canines & felines.

Children and families alike will enjoy the latest traveling exhibit from Imagine Exhibitions, Cats & Dogs: The Exhibition, on display now through June 2nd at the Science Spectrum.

One of the most extensive traveling exhibits that explores the science, sociology and relationships we have with our animal best friends.

Kids and adults alike will have fun testing their jumping skills at the Height Jump Arch or weaving skills through the agility polls, timing themselves to see if they really are as fast as “Fido”.

Numerous interactive learning stations, fun games, and videos make the “secret lives” of pets come alive. Have you ever wanted to know what your dog or cat is trying to say to you?  Well, it’s not just about the sounds they make when they are wanting to “talk” to us.  Their world is very different from that of human beings.

Find out about different breeds of dogs and cats at the “Guess Who” matching stations, and discover the traits that make us love them so much!

Cats & Dogs: The Exhibition also dispels a whole range of preconceived ideas such as cats & dogs CAN’T get along with one another, small dogs are NOT necessarily the most aggressive dogs, and unfortunately cats do NOT always land on their feet.

There’s something for all ages!  From children who can read, to younger visitors who need reading assistance, all will be delighted with this playful, yet informative exhibition. Children ages 2 to 5 will enjoy seeing the fun videos, wearing headphones to hear animal sounds, and trying the Agility Weave and the Height Jump Arch. Kindergarten to 2nd graders will additionally enjoy the touch screen games and quizzes, as well as the “Guess Who” style breed matching games played with a friend. Children grades 3rd and up will also have fun trying to win the game show and newspaper style quizzes.

Exhibit sponsored locally by: Helen Jones Foundation
Exhibit created by La Cité des sciences et de I’industrie in partnership with Le Museé de la civilization.

Additionally, the OMNI Theater will be offering a limited run of the film, SuperPower Dogs, narrated by Chris Evans. This film will be available in the OMNI Theater starting February 16th until May 27th.

This exhibition will be located in the Exhibit Hall at the Science Spectrum, and will be open during regular museum hours.

Also note, this exhibition is for human visitors ONLY!

Cats & Dogs: The Exhibition Pricing:

General Admission: Exhibit w/Museum OR Film
Adults: $14.50
Child & Senior: $12.00
General Admission: Exhibit w/ Museum AND Film
Adults: $20.00
Child & Senior: $18.00

Non-School Groups: Exhibit w/Museum OR Film
Adults: $12.50
Child & Senior: $10.50
Non-School Groups: Exhibit w/Museum AND Film
Adults: $18.00
Child & Senior: $16.00

School Groups: Exhibit w/Museum OR Film
Student & Teacher: $8.00
School Groups: Exhibit w/Museum AND Film
Student & Teacher: $11.00

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Monday – Friday: 10:00am – 5:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am – 6:00pm
Sunday: 1:00pm – 5:00pm


Adults: $9.00
Children & Seniors: $7.50
Members: $FREE!


Adults: $9.00
Children & Seniors: $7.50
Members: $6.50
Prism / Spectrum Members:  $FREE!


Adult: $15.50
Child or Senior: $13.00
Member: $6.50
Prism / Spectrum Members: $FREE!
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